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The Ultimate Thanksgiving Survival Guide

The Ultimate Thanksgiving Survival Guide
The Ultimate Thanksgiving Survival Guide

Posted on October 06 2017

THE Ultimate Thanksgiving 2017 Gift Guide:

Every year, holidays tend to get the best of us…. And Thanksgiving is only a short 3 weeks away!  We are here to help you prepare and most importantly to inspire you to dream big this year,  as you approach one of our most truly cherished holidays!
Thanksgiving is one of our favorite holidays around here, as it is centered in Family and Gratitude, which are included in our company’s core values. We carry community deep within us, determined to share our love for people, food & bamboo with families around the world.
Whether you are hosting a Thanksgiving this year, wanting to send well wishes to family afar with a gift, or attending as a guest, this a list of some of our MUST – HAVE items to be the Hostess with The Mostest or the BEST dinner guest ever!!!

Join us as we share our Top 16 favorites for the 2017 Holiday Survival gift Guide:


1. The Family Tree Carving Board:  One of our legacy items that speaks to the rich inheritance of Totally Bamboo and needs to be on YOUR table this Thanksgiving/Christmas.. Our Family Tree Carving Board is easily one of the most unique carvers you'll ever see. The branches of the laser engraved tree are actually grooves that direct the juices down the trunk to the generous outer groove and collection well. Yep, this is the place where art, design and function meet most beautiful.
Hot, steamy & DELICIOUS dishes are pouring out of your oven left and right, especially during the holiday season. To protect your countertops, tables and fingers, do not miss out on these handy dandy trivets that will truly complete any look you might want to achieve.
There are Pumpkin Pies, Apple Pies and Pot Pies (for leftovers), oh my! And they are waiting to be made! What Thanksgiving is complete without pie crust, and this beautiful pin will do wonders as you pour your heart into those dishes.
Down to every last detail… Hors d'oeuvres, appetizers & cocktail hours are not complete without these beauties. Whether you’re picking an appetizer or martini olive, they have the perfect knot at the end to ensure things don’t slide off, and they are just about the coolest appetizer picks out there. 
To say we are a bit obsessed with these is the understatement of the year. They are so versatile, you could use them in a place setting for butter or spread them out throughout the table with all your dreamy accompaniments. If we have it our way, everyone is getting mini bowls for gifts 😊.
Follow us for a bit on this one… Not only are our destination boards individualized and unique, but they make “knock it out of the ballpark” worthy gifts and add a clever touch to your tables… Think Plymouth Rock. What table wouldn’t be more complete with an ode to our Thanksgiving roots.
The Pineapple is the official symbol of hospitality, and what better way as a host to serve or as a guest to gift than the pineapple cutting and serving board. Complete the look with a Totally Bamboo Spreader and tag along a delectable cheese board with one of our favorite recipes here:
Looking for the perfect way to serve your orange cranberry sauce complete with orange zest and toasted pecans? Look no further, because the 7’ square inlay bowl is packed with the craftsmanship you usually find in fine furniture and will surely do your table justice.
The #1 salad bowl for entertaining and fit for royalty, this is truly an heirloom piece that you’ll be able to pass down from generation to generation. This is destined to become your go-to bowl for all occasions.
And if you have the #1 salad bowl for entertaining, you can’t miss out on these Salad Hands to toss, mix and serve your favorite fall salads. One of our favorite fall salad recipes:
At a whopping 23" long, the Palaoa Bread Board fears no baguette, bagel or brioche. Try filling it with sliced breads, cheeses, and one or two of our Classic Mini Bowls filled with butter or your favorite spread for a centerpiece-worthy serving board.
And if you have the Palaoa board for your bread, the lettuce knife is not only incredible for cutting your lettuce, it is also perfect to cut your crusty bread 😊. Our bamboo knife won't brown your lettuce the way metal knives can, either.
13. Inlay platters: With small, medium and large settings, you’ll want to have a few of these on hand for your mashed potatoes, green bean casseroles and sweet potato fluff. They're sure to dress up any table!
Plates, bowls, & platters all need to be transported to the table, so don’t make utensils, condiments or napkins one more item your hands will need to balance. We have you covered with the beautiful and thoughtfully made lattice flatware caddy. Just another way to make what could be a hectic day for you as the host a little bit lighter, so you can truly enjoy every minute with family and friends.
One of the first bamboo boards to feature a decorative inlay. Light strips of natural vertical grain bamboo surround a wide strip of end grain bamboo... this little number of a cutting board is equivalent to dressing up for a night on the town. It has a groove on one side, making it great for carving and slicing the juiciest of meats and separating out for white vs dark meat, or maybe great to host an accompanied ham for the non-turkey lovers! 
One of the most ancient of ways to prepare spices, garlic, nuts and seeds, we couldn’t end this list without mentioning the beautiful art of a mortar and pestle. There is a depth of flavor to spices and fresh herbs prepared this way that you just can’t get from a knife or food processor, and crucial for your holiday dinner!
    Thanksgiving always gives us a moment to reflect amid the busy-ness of life, and this year we just want to take a moment to thank you for following along with us. We are so grateful for our customers, and you have all become family over the years. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to create beautiful products for you, your kitchen and your home.  Happy Holidays from the Totally Bamboo family to yours, and we officially welcome you as a Totally Bamboo community member, where we “do the Earth a favor, and do bamboo”.
    Thank you for coming along with us! We cannot wait for these products to make memories right alongside you this year.  Be sure to tag #TotallyBamboo in any of your family and holiday moments! We’d love to feel a part of it even if from afar. 😊



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