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Baltique® Colored Birch Utensils

Baltique® Colored Layered Birch Utensils

Bring a splash of color to your kitchen and dining experiences with Baltique® colored birch utensils. Each utensil is made of finely crafted birch wood, assembled in durable layers. These strong utensils are safe to use on nonstick pots and pans.

Our collection of Baltique® utensils includes extravagantly colored spatulas, mixing spoons, spreading knives, and measuring spoons. Their birch materials are strong and elegant. A collection of these beautiful and natural utensils also makes wonderful statement pieces at any cooking and eating event.

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Why Use Baltique™ Colored Utensils?

They come in vibrant and colorful designs, evocative of distinct Greek and Moroccan color patterns. The Mykonos Collection comes in hues inspired by the Mediterranean colors of the isles of Greece. Utensils in this collection are in cool, calming ocean blues and soft, creamy whites, just like the iconic homes in the Grecian Islands.

The Marrakesh Collection is in vibrant and flashy colors reminiscent of Morocco’s top tourist destination. The vibrant bright orange, bright green and radiant red of the spatulas, spurtles, and mixing spoons of this collection is evocative of the brilliant colors of a bazaar.

Purchase a set today to brighten up your kitchen.