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Hand-Crafted Natural Bamboo Bowls

There's something about a beautifully made bowl that can elevate it to the level of art. And really, what's better than art you can actually use? All our hand-crafted, natural bamboo bowls are durable and maintenance-free, so they never need oiling or special care. Just wash and dry.  Beautiful, right?  And all our bamboo bowls are lovingly designed by Tom, right here in California, USA. 

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16" Classic Bowl


6" Classic Bowl


12" Classic Bowl


12" Flared Salad Bowl


10" Classic Bowl


Why Use Our Bamboo Bowls?

Totally Bamboo’s selection of beautifully made bamboo bowls are crafted from natural bamboo, making them a sustainable and environmentally friendly choice. If you want your kitchen to be as eco-friendly as possible, our bowls are a great addition to your collection.

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