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Totally Bamboo

Rock & Branch® Acacia Pizza Peel



Everyone loves pizza, especially when it’s homemade! Elevate your pizza-making skills with the Rock & Branch Acacia Pizza Peel, the ultimate wooden pizza paddle for cooking, cutting and serving your mouthwatering homemade pies. This reusable pizza serving board is expertly crafted from high-quality acacia wood, achieving a contemporary yet rustic look that complements any kitchen style.

The sturdy board features a tapered edge designed to effortlessly slide under a diverse range of foods, such as pizza, cake, bread, pastries and more. Thanks to its strong handle, you can easily reach into the deepest ovens and transfer your food to and from the table. Whether you’re throwing a pizza party for friends and family or looking to spice up your charcuterie board, this unique pizza peel will undoubtedly add some fun to the occasion.

The paddle comes complete with a hang tie for convenient storage and easily doubles as wall décor! Measuring 23-1/4” x 13-3/4”, the Acacia Pizza Peel is ideal for small to medium-sized pizzas. Rock & Branch is a line of wood and stone products from Totally Bamboo. Cleaning is simple; hand wash with hot water and soap and avoid soaking in water, putting in the dishwasher or leaving in the oven.