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How to Organize Your Utensils and Silverware Drawer

How to Organize Your Utensils and Silverware Drawer
How to Organize Your Utensils and Silverware Drawer

Posted on May 17 2024

Is there anything more frustrating than being in the middle of cooking dinner and suddenly you’re in desperate need of a spatula but have no idea where it is? When you do finally find it lodged in the back of your silverware drawer, dinner has already begun to burn. A silverware drawer can quickly transform into a junk drawer where utensils disappear. That’s where something like a kitchen drawer organizer becomes an indispensable tool in the kitchen.  

There’s endless content about the importance of organizing your space, but no one mentions how difficult it is to achieve that effortless, well-organized kitchen. That’s why we’re excited to share some of our favorite, easy-to-follow organizational tips with you. With these simple tricks, your silverware drawer will be impeccably organized in no time!   

How to Choose the Right Silverware Organizer for You 

The quickest and most effective way to turn your kitchen utensil drawer from a junk drawer to a tidy silverware drawer is to use a silverware organizer. It’s no secret that a utensil drawer organizer is great for keeping your forks and knives in place, but when it comes to organizing it’s important to select tools that work for you.  

The best place to start when picking a utensil organizer is to measure your kitchen drawer. You’ll want to measure the depth, width and height of the drawer to ensure you’re buying the right-sized silverware drawer organizer. 

Once you have those measurements, you’ll want to take stock of your utensils and silverware. It’s best to clear your countertop and lay out all your silverware and cooking utensils. This way you can easily see what it is that you have, what you no longer need and what you need to add to your utensils.  

Now that you have a better idea of how much silverware you have, you can start to organize it all. You’ll want to ask yourself a few questions to determine what kind of kitchen utensil organizer you’ll need. Do you need a way to organize standard silverware for place settings? A 5-Compartment Silverware Drawer Organizer is an ideal way to straighten those drawers up.  It features four standard-sized compartments to fit silverware and one large compartment that’s perfect for cutlery, utensils and other large kitchen tools. 

Are you looking for a way to organize cooking utensils, large serving utensils or cutlery in your kitchen drawers? Then a Expandable 5-Compartment Drawer Organizer might be what you’re looking for. This adjustable organizer is designed to fit any drawer with its two sliding side compartments that expand the organizer. Maybe you want to organize standard place setting silverware and larger serving utensils or cooking utensils on the side? The Expandable 8-Compartment Silverware Organizer offers eight varying-sized compartments, which makes it perfect for storing a mix of standard silverware and larger kitchen utensils and features the same two sliding compartments to fit any drawer.  

The key tip to consider when picking a utensils organizer is to keep your needs in mind. What works for one person’s kitchen may not work for yours, so pick your organizational tools based on how you work in your kitchen.  

Use Decor to Organize 

One of the best ways to organize is by making it a part of your kitchen decor. An excellent example of this is a kitchen utensil holder. A utensil holder is perfect for storing larger cooking utensils that you want easy access to while cooking. They’re also an opportunity to incorporate your personal style into your kitchen.  

For instance, if you want something stylish and elegant, our Lattice Kitchen Utensil Holder is a wonderful choice. It’s beautifully crafted from bamboo and features an eye-catching lattice design while also keeping your cooking utensils organized and within reach. There’s also the Baltique Collection Kitchen Utensil Holders which features a bright inlay of colorful birch wood. This is a perfect dose of color that also functions as a great organizational tool, and for even more color you can match your utensil holder to their coordinating utensils. 

Knives are also a great opportunity to display as a method of organization. Our Universal Knife Caddy offers versatility when it comes to organizing your knives. It looks great on the counter, or it can slide into a drawer if your counter space is limited. Using versatile organizational tools like this allows you to experiment and discover which organization method is best for you.  

The key to creating a successful organization method for your kitchen is to adjust it to fit your needs. Consider what you need in your kitchen to use that space most effectively. Maybe you want to display your cooking utensils on your countertop to add a splash of color while keeping them easily accessible. Or you might prefer having all your silverware and cooking utensils in one drawer. 

However you decide to organize your utensils, remember that organization is a creative process that should be fun. Making it fun is the key to creating a successful organizational method for you and your kitchen.  

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