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Pie on Pi Day

Pie on Pi Day
Pie on Pi Day

Posted on March 12 2021

It’s Pi Day!

Pi Day is a celebration of the mathematical constant π (3.14), so it makes sense that we celebrate on March 14th (3/14).

What better way to celebrate Pi Day than with actual pie!?! We’ve created a list of essential baking tools you need to make the perfect pie. Let’s get to it:

Tapered Rolling Pin

You can’t roll out your pie crust dough without this handy utensil. Our Tapered Rolling Pin is large enough for all your baking dough needs — pies, pastries, breads or even pizzas!

Kauai Cutting Board

The Kauai Cutting Board is great for prepping your dough and ingredients for your pie; it also helps keep your counter clean in the process. This board is great for everyday use too – such as carving meat, chopping veggies or serving charcuterie!

Salt Box and Board

3-Tier Salt Box

Keep your spices and seasonings in reach with this 3-Tier Salt Box. The magnetic lids make it easy to open and close with one hand while baking and cooking. This is a great tool to have handy when baking with favorite spices and ingredients.

Big Dipper Salt Box

Big Dipper Salt Box

Scoop in the perfect dash of flavor with our Big Dipper Salt Box. This nifty salt box comes with a little spoon to help you measure the right amount of sugar, salt or seasoning. This is a great baking buddy!


When your pie is fresh out of the oven, let it cool on our Bamboo Trivet. This Trivet protects your surfaces and is expandable to fit any pot or pan. This makes cooling and serving a breeze!

These are just a few of our baking favorites. You can check out more in our Baking Collection here.

We hope you whip up a delicious pie to honor National Pi Day, and if you do, tag us on Instagram using #MyTotallyBambooPi.

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