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Totally Bamboo

12-Piece Reusable Bamboo Flatware Set with Portable Storage Case



Swap out your metal or plastic utensils for an eco-friendly alternative! Totally Bamboo offers the 12-Piece Bamboo Flatware Set with Portable Storage Case. With four sets of spoons, forks, and knives, this product is perfect for simple group dinners, picnics, intimate barbecue parties, and everyday meals.

Each piece of flatware is crafted from sturdy Moso bamboo to ensure its quality.

Unlike disposal plastic utensils, our bamboo flatware is reusable. Easily clean them with hand washing or in the dishwasher after meal.

The flatware measures 8-inches in length, and the storage case is 6-inches wide and 8-3/4-inches long.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Absolutely LOVE

I've been trying my best to become sustainable in all areas of my life. I love the feel, the look, and how compact the tray is. Would definitely recommend!


I ordered the bamboo flatware set and couldn’t be happier! Everything was better than described.


This set is ideal for downsizing. I realized in my quest to minimized every area of life that I just don't need 5 piece place setting. It freed up so much space in my silverware drawer. It does have a very different mouth feel than traditional metal, but it's so organic and wonderfully lightweight. It's so easy to simply rinse and dry off after using and put back in the storage holder to match. It's a quality product for a more simply and easy way of living differently. It's the best choice for tiny house living or camping and RVing. The price was great with free shipping. One of my best purchases!

Extremely satisfied

I really never liked the taste or feel of metal forks and spoons in my mouth, so this has been a perfect answer for me. I have gravitated toward bamboo for many years now but had never seen a high quality set such as this with its own storage. I decided to try this out when it came time to decide if I wanted stainless steel flatware or something different. I'm so glad i tried this set. I liked the first set i ordered so much that I immediately ordered a second set. The utensils are lightweight but seem sturdy and being able to put them in the dishwasher is a real plus (minus the heat dry setting). I did notice a subtle difference in taste and quality of my food. These sets inspired me so much that I now do all of my cooking with bamboo utensils.


Can't recommend these enough, will be ordering more