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Totally Bamboo

8-Pack Reusable Bamboo Drinking Straws, Dishwasher Safe



Enjoy favorite drinks while also preserving the environment with the Totally Bamboo Reusable Bamboo Drinking Straws! It's estimated that over 500 million plastic straws are used each day in North America. That's 3.5 billion a week. 14 billion a month. Almost 170 billion a year! This is literally tons and tons of one-and-done plastic straws that will never decompose, clogging landfills and adding to the ever-growing island of plastic waste in our oceans.

Do your part to cut down on this plastic pandemic by using a reusable, natural bamboo straw. Each straw is crafted from organically-grown bamboo, a renewable resource that grows back quickly after harvest. The straws are durable and dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. The pack also includes one stainless steel cleaning brush to dislodge anything that may get caught in the straws. Each straw is 8-1/2 inches in length, easily reaching the bottom of most popular glass and bottle sizes.

Customer Reviews

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Jeanne P. (Canonsburg, US)
Great straws & good for the environment

I love these straws. I found a pack while going through the line to check out at Marshall's & had wished I had bought two packs. These are great and I wash mine by hand if I drank something with chunks in it, otherwise they go in my silverware basket in the dishwasher. They last a long time and are great for drinks that need frequent stirring as they hold up well. Starbucks has taken to supplying paper straws which self compost before you even get a couple sips of your drink down. I keep telling them to sell bamboo straws as the stainless and silicon straws are both nasty.

Charles Bell (Daytona Beach, US)
Bamboo straws far exceed the value of plastic!

These straws stand up to use far better than the plastic ones. I have tried to use a plastic on thick shakes and they all collapse, not these bamboo straws. Also, the pipe cleaner is large enough to do a great job cleaning these straws.

Daniel Sullivan (Medfield, US)
Bamboo Straws

Just what you'd expect. Good quality. Also doubles as a kubaton self defense weapon!