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Totally Bamboo

Kona Groove Carving Board, 18" x 12-1/2"



The Totally Bamboo Kona Groove Bamboo Carving and Cutting Board is a perfect addition to any kitchen. This extra-large 18" by 12-1/2" board can handle any kitchen prep need: carving and cutting meat, slicing large vegetables and fruits or even serving cheese and crackers. The included groove channels away juices to keep countertops and tables clean. Crafted from beautiful flat-grain bamboo, the board is lightweight, durable and gentle on knives. It features two stylish caps of light colored natural bamboo with the main cutting surface in a rich caramelized bamboo. The board wipes clean easily by hand; it should not be soaked or washed in the dishwasher. The Kona Groove measures 18 inches by 12-1/2 inches and is 5/8 of an inch thick.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Christine Ackerson (Fairview, US)
Wonderful cutting board

I like the size of this board. I often have to sit down to cut vegetables. It's big enough to carry the knife and the vegetables over to the table and isn't too heavy for me. I like the groove not only because it catches the juices but it catches the runaway round slices too.

Sandra Copher (Nevada City, US)
Husband loves his cutting board

We have a thinner board that my husband loved but after years of use, it bowed and he had trouble getting flat again. I ordered a new one and he loves it too.

Elaine Mattson (Los Osos, US)
Cutting board

My second one. Wore out the first one and couldn't find a replacement so looked at the logo and went to the source.

Shira Smith (Hillsboro, US)
Best wedding gift ever!

Whenever there's a wedding for friends or family, we always gift them with a solid cutting board to symbolize a firm foundation. It's something everyone needs but rarely has or gets for themselves.