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2022 Holiday Gift Guide: Give the Gift of the Year

2022 Holiday Gift Guide: Give the Gift of the Year
2022 Holiday Gift Guide: Give the Gift of the Year

Posted on November 16 2022

With the holidays right around the corner, gift-giving is surely at the forefront of most of our to-do lists. Giving meaningful gifts is one of the best feelings, but have you been feeling stuck on finding that perfect gift or maybe just need some inspiration? We put together a list of some incredible items so you can get great home and kitchen gift ideas for every kind of person. The beauty of this list is that kitchen gifts won’t be hidden away in a closet and never touched, but will be frequently used and always serve as a reminder of your relationship. We hope this holiday gift guide inspires you and helps you land the best present ever! Be known for giving the gift of the year this holiday season. 

The Colorful Cook

If the person on your list loves to cook every day, there’s no better gift choice than a quality cooking utensil! However, our Baltique® Collections aren’t any ol’ utensil sets. These are perfect for those who love color or even have colorful personalities of their own! With our wide range of stunning colorways made from layered birch wood and inspired by locations around the world, you are sure to find the perfect set for that special someone. These Baltique® Utensil Sets come with everything one needs and are all safe for use on nonstick surfaces. A fun idea to incorporate these colorful cooking utensils into another gift is a cooking class for two or an at-home dinner date! 

*If you want the North Pole Collection, act fast because they’re selling out!


Totally Bamboo Baltique North Pole Collection Utensil SetTotally Bamboo Baltique Poconos Collection cooking utensilsTotally Bamboo Baltique Marrakesh Collection Utensil SetTotally Bamboo Baltique Malta Collection utensil set


The Charcuterie Lover

If you’re shopping for someone that loves a good charcuterie board, look no further. Our Destination Series State-Shaped Boards, our most popular collection, have touched many hearts, traveled to new homes and schools, and even have been used as home decor! Beautifully engraved with the top cities and sights in each state, these boards are an incredible conversation piece and a trip down memory lane. They’re a great gift for someone who has recently moved, is in the military, or even someone who may be missing home a little extra during the holidays. Give the gift of “home” this holiday season!

Available in all 50 states plus select provinces and regions. 


Totally Bamboo Destination State-Shaped Cutting and Serving Board SeriesTotally Bamboo Destination State-Shaped Cutting and Serving Board Series


If you’re wanting more charcuterie board gift ideas, complete the picture with these eye-catching cheese tools! Surprise your recipient with a full charcuterie set with the addition of these beautiful Baltique® 3-Piece Cheese Tool Sets. Includes a cheese fork, flat cheese knife, and a spreader for any kind of cheese or spreads they may desire. 

*A tip for the guys: you already know she’s going to want the cute tools to go with the board, so we suggest just getting both while you’re ahead.


Totally Bamboo Baltique Marrakesh Collection 3-Piece Cheese Tool SetTotally Bamboo Baltique Mumbai Collection 3-Piece Cheese Tool SetTotally Bamboo Baltique Mykonos Collection 3-Piece Cheese Tool SetTotally Bamboo Baltique Malta Collection 3-Piece Cheese Tool Set


The Baker

Ho, Ho, Ho— More like Dough, Dough, Dough! Surprise your favorite baker with these exciting and festive goodies. Once the holidays hit, every baker you know will be knee-deep in flour, dough, spices and icing. Help them through each step of the baking process with these adorable Christmas themed gifts: Tapered Rolling Pin, “Tis the Season” Carving Board, “Tis the Season” Christmas Salt Box, and “Treats for Santa” Cutting and Serving board. Gifting your friends and family these baking items will not only bring festive cheer to the air but will leave a memory of you every time they whip up their famous Christmas cookies!


Totally Bamboo Tapered Rolling PinTotally Bamboo "Tis the Season" Carving BoardTotally Bamboo "Tis the Season" Christmas Salt BoxTotally Bamboo "Treats for Santa" Cutting and Serving Board


The Grill Master

Impress the self-proclaimed grill master in your life with these super handy grilling gifts. Starting off strong with 12 inches of bamboo, these Stay-Flat Bamboo Skewers have room for any of your favorite foods such as chicken, jumbo shrimp, and veggies (and grilled pineapple is surprisingly delicious, too). The flat design is the perfect solution for your skewers to stay organized in place for an even cook. With all of this cooking, your recipient will most likely want to keep their grill clean and looking sharp. Accomplish that with our Bamboo BBQ Grill Scraper! The best part about it? There’s a built-in bottle opener. Time to grill, eat, drink, and celebrate all at the same time!


Totally Bamboo BBQ Grill Scraper with Built-In Bottle OpenerTotally Bamboo Stay-Flat 12" Bamboo Skewers


The Bartender

Here are some of the best gifts for people who love to be the party’s bartenders or simply love making margaritas for Taco Tuesday. Whatever the occasion may be, let’s make sure they get what they need! Gift this Wall Mounted Bottle Opener with a Magnetic Bottle Cap Catcher to the person you know as the life of the party. This is perfect for game days or any kind of party and doesn’t leave bottlecaps scattered around the house. 

Once the parties shift to cocktails, your other bartending gifts will definitely start coming in handy. They can’t go without a Barkeeper’s Salt Box with a Magnetic Swivel Lid for easy salt access to rim those tasty margs! Lastly, they’re going to need some coasters for their drinks. Available in most states, these State Puzzle 4-Pc. Coaster Set with Case are engraved with each state’s top places and cities. Neatly store them together and pull them out as a handy item and great conversation piece. 


Totally Bamboo Wall Mounted Bottle Opener with Magnetic Bottle Cap CatcherTotally Bamboo Barkeeper's Salt Box with Magnetic Swivel LidTotally Bamboo State Puzzle 4-Pc. Coaster Set with Case


The Entertainer

We all have that one friend or family member that loves to entertain others. Help them out this season with our beautiful, large serving boards and trays. The Big Easy Chopping Block doubles as a hefty cutting board and a large serving tray for many guests to enjoy finger food and appetizers on! It’s also designed with a hollow cavity below the cutting surface, making it dramatically lighter than other boards for easy transportation! 

Does your gift recipient have an outdoor space or like to keep it comfy and eat on the couch? The Butler’s Serving Tray is the ideal solution and gift. With built-in handles and a wall height of three inches, this tray is perfect for anyone who loves to move their food and drinks around with them. They’ll be able to entertain to their heart’s content with these items!


Totally Bamboo Big Easy Chopping BlockTotally Bamboo Butler's Serving Tray with Handles


The Meal Prepper

If you’re trying to find a gift for someone who partakes in meal prepping, then listen up! We have to give the utmost respect to meal preppers because shopping, cooking, and packing that much food at once takes a lot of time, effort, and patience. One of the perfect gifts for someone who is on the go and preps a lot of ingredients at a time is a high-quality cutting board set. Our 3-Piece Two-Tone Cutting Board Set has three different sizes for any kind of prep job such as meat, fruits, vegetables, and cheeses. 

Aside from prepping their meals, reusable utensil sets are going to be their new go-to. These Take Along Reusable Utensil Sets include a fork, spoon, knife, straw, straw cleaner and a slim pouch to hold it all together! They will never have to worry about finding other utensils– just pack this pouch and they’ll have everything they need to eat their meals at school, work, and more!


Totally Bamboo 3-Piece Two-Tone Bamboo Serving and Cutting Board SetTotally Bamboo Take Along Reusable Utensil Set with Hibiscus Flower Travel Case


The holidays are about spending quality time with the people you love and showing your appreciation for them through thoughtful gifts that come from the heart. Be intentional with your gifts— there is a perfect gift for everyone, you just have to find it. Let the gifting season begin!

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