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How to Clean & Care for Your Bamboo Cutting Board

How to Clean & Care for Your Bamboo Cutting Board
How to Clean & Care for Your Bamboo Cutting Board

Posted on January 27 2022

A bamboo cutting board is a wonderful addition to any kitchen! They’re durable yet gentle on knives, beautiful, light weight and ideal for a variety of cooking and serving tasks. With the proper care, they’ll last a lifetime! They require a bit more TLC than a plastic cutting board, but any avid home cook would tell you a bamboo cutting board is worth the extra work. Fortunately, we have all the tips and tricks you need to know about caring for your bamboo cutting board.


First, let’s review what not to do when cleaning your cutting board. Bamboo cutting boards are relatively non-porous and don’t absorb water or moisture from foods easily. However, it’s still important to refrain from soaking your cutting board in water or allowing it to sit with juices from meat on it. Cleaning your bamboo (or any wooden) cutting board in the dishwasher is another big no-no. Extended exposure to moisture and heat may cause your bamboo cutting board to warp or crack. 

Cleaning your bamboo cutting board is quite easy! After use, simply hand wash your board with dish soap and hot water. Be sure to rinse it well. To dry the board, use a towel to wipe away any excess moisture. Then, stand the board upright and allow it to continue drying for several hours or overnight before using it again. We recommend using a drying rack, like our 7 Slot Bamboo Rack, so air can circulate around all sides of the board. Once your board is completely dry, it’s ready to be stored or used again!

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Want all the benefits of a bamboo cutting board with the added bonus of being able to clean it in the dishwasher? Our GreenLite™ Dishwasher-Safe Cutting Boards are uniquely designed with dishwasher-safe properties to make clean up even easier.

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Pure white vinegar is great to use when disinfecting your bamboo cutting board. First, clean your board with dish soap and water. Then, wipe the board with the white vinegar using a cloth. Be sure to thoroughly rinse your board with water before drying. If a stronger disinfectant is needed, mix one teaspoon of bleach with two quarts of water and follow the same process.

For a more natural disinfectant, try using lemon juice and salt. Generously sprinkle salt over the surface of your clean cutting board. Cut a fresh lemon in half and use it to work the salt into the surface. The salt will lift tough stains and food particles out of any cracks, grooves or cuts in the cutting board, and the lemon will leave it smelling fresh. Again, be sure to thoroughly rinse your board with water before drying.


To extend the life of your bamboo cutting board and keep it looking new, oil it at least once per month. To do this, apply mineral oil directly to the surface of your board and rub it in using a cloth. Let the oil sit on the cutting board and soak in for at least a few hours and ideally overnight. Then, wipe off any remaining oil from the surface and allow the board to dry fully before using.

Revitalizing Mineral Oil

You shouldn't use anything other than a food-grade mineral oil to oil your bamboo cutting board. Other types of oil— like vegetable, olive or avocado oil— will eventually go rancid and cause your cutting board to have an unpleasant smell. Our Revitalizing Mineral Oil is a safe and effective option to use for both bamboo and wood cutting boards. It’s sure to keep your cutting board looking its best!

Bonus Tips:

  1. Disinfect your board after cutting raw meat or smelly foods like onion and garlic. 
  2. Clean your cutting board immediately after you’ve finished using it.  
  3. If you don’t use your cutting board often, then it’s okay to oil it less frequently. 
  4. If you live in a dry climate, then you may have to oil your board more frequently.  
  5. Consider owning more than one cutting board, so you have one for cutting meat and another for fruits and vegetables, for example. 

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Bamboo cutting boards look great in any kitchen and are wonderful to use for a variety of cutting and serving tasks. When it comes to caring for your bamboo cutting board, there are three main steps you need to remember: cleaning, disinfecting and oiling. By following these steps and remembering what not to do, your cutting board is bound to be with you for a long time! 

Ready to ditch the plastic and purchase your first bamboo cutting board? Shop our collection of bamboo cutting boards, and don’t forget to pick up some mineral oil too! 

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