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The Ultimate Fall Bucket List

Family picking apples at an apple orchard
The Ultimate Fall Bucket List

Posted on October 07 2022

Summer has come to a close and we are moving into arguably the best season of the year FALL! This Ultimate Fall Bucket List will get you in a festive autumn mood with the best 10 ideas on how to make the most of this beautiful season. 


Host a Holiday Gathering


One of the best parts of the holidays is the opportunity to spend more quality time with friends and family. Hosting a fall gathering is such a great way to share memories and laughter over a delicious meal. Go all out and impress your loved ones with your festive presentation skills with the help of one of our favorite boards: the Tree of Life Serving Board. It’s cut into the shape of a tree stump and laser-etched with over 800 exotic and endangered animals to emphasize the importance of trees for all life forms. This board not only serves your favorite appetizers and snacks but also serves as a great conversation starter!


Bamboo charcuterie board with bruschetta and wine



Go to a Pumpkin Patch


Come on, who doesn’t love pumpkin patches? No matter what age you are, going to a pumpkin patch on a chilly fall day is bound to instantly lift your mood. It’s so fun to personally choose pumpkins for jack-o-lantern carvings and fall home decorations, too. Some pumpkin patches even have hayrides, apple cider, and delicious fall treats like pumpkin pie! 


Cook Fall Recipes


It’s finally that time of the year to pull out your seasonal soup and stew recipes. As we all know, when the air gets colder, the meals get warmer. Everyone needs a delicious, warm, and hearty meal that makes you want to curl up on the couch and watch a holiday movie! If you're looking for the ideal fall cooking set, our new Baltique® Poconos Collection has you covered with an array of five different kinds of beautiful kitchen utensils. Inspired by the gorgeous fall foliage of the Poconos Mountains, this collection brings the best pop of autumn color to your home and gets the job done.


Fall colored birch wood cooking utensils with bell peppers and garlic


Decorate Your Home


If you like fall, which we’re assuming you do since you’re reading this, it’s definitely time to decorate your space! With the biggest holidays of the year coming up, your decor boxes are ready to be opened and emptied. Take the weekend to put out your Halloween decorations or simple fall-themed decor with pumpkins and leaves to “pumpkin spice” up your space. 


Go Apple Picking


One of the most wholesome and festive activities you can do in the fall is apple picking. There are hundreds of apple orchards throughout the U.S. that will allow you to frolic through the groves and pluck your own fresh apples straight off the trees!

Helpful Tip: Once you bring your apples home, use a beautiful salad bowl to display them. We suggest using bamboo or wood, to give the display a natural and organic feel. Our Baltique® Marrakesh Collection Serving Bowl, lined with rich colors that greatly complement the vibrant colors of apples, is the perfect size for displaying the fruit or even a heap of miniature pumpkins!



Get Spooked at a Haunted House


If you consider yourself an adrenaline junkie, haunted houses in October are the epitome of a good time. Spend your night trekking through a series of frightening scenes with themes like cannibal zombies or insane asylums. You may even stumble across a corn maze and if you go in…don’t look back!


Go Camping


A great way to fully immerse in the outdoors and appreciate the cool weather at the beginning of fall is to go camping. Whether just a day trip or a week-long trip, camping can be the catalyst in creating some of the fondest memories in our lifetimes. 

Helpful Tip: Depending on where you decide to camp, trash disposal sites can either be hard to get to or in some cases, inaccessible. An easy and sustainable solution to this issue is to bring your own cutlery! Our Take Along Reusable Utensil Sets come with a compact travel case and a loop for a carabiner to make your life organized, hassle-free, and eco-friendly. Easily hook it onto your fanny pack, backpack, or simply stash it in a deep jacket pocket for eating anywhere on the go!



Take Along Reusable Utensil Set with Blue Compact Travel Case with Loop for Carabiner


Take Along Reusable Utensil Set with Blue Compact Travel Case with Loop for Carabiner on backpack at the beach


Take a Hike


With the air getting crisp and the scorching temperatures mellowing down, this time of year is perfect to get outside and enjoy some of nature’s most breathtaking moments. If you don’t have time for a longer trip, go on a quick adventure and breathe the fresh air in deeply—  you’ll be surprised by how healing nature is.


Bake Fall Desserts


Truthfully, there’s nothing that screams fall more than baking desserts. Whether it’s pumpkin pie, pumpkin bread, or spiced cookies, you’ll have no problem creating something delicious with the help of our Tapered Rolling Pin, Salt Boxes full of sugar and seasonings, and the best Cutting and Serving Boards on the market.


Rolling pin, salt boxes, and cutting board with a pie crust on it


Have a Bonfire


Another wonderful way to congregate with friends and family is to relax and laugh together by the fire. The best part? It's so easy to throw a great bonfire! Bring your loved ones together with drinks, s’mores, wood, kindling and even sparklers for an awesome fall night. 


Just remember to make the most of this season since it only comes once a year! This is such a beautiful time to gather with friends and family, create memories and get creative in and out of the house. We would also love to hear from you about your favorite seasonal activities! Happy fall!


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