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What is a Salt Cellar or Salt Box?

What is a Salt Cellar or Salt Box?
What is a Salt Cellar or Salt Box?

Posted on October 05 2021

Salt is one of the most frequently used seasonings during cooking. If you’ve ever watched a cooking show, you may have noticed the chefs sprinkling salt into their dishes as they’re cooking. However, most people keep their salt in a grinder or shaker, making it extremely difficult to measure the amount of salt being used. This leads to either over-seasoning or under-seasoning of the food being cooked. With the use of a salt box, this is less likely to happen.  

A salt box, also referred to as a salt pig or salt cellar, is a storage container for salt that is usually kept near the stove for easy access while cooking. It allows busy cooks to grab the perfect pinch of seasoning while cooking and expertly flavor their dishes. Seasoning food this way allows the cook to get a better sense of how much salt is being used, resulting in better flavored dishes! Salt boxes ideally have a lid to prevent particles from contaminating the salt when it’s not in use, and come in a variety of shapes, styles and materials.  


 Totally Bamboo Triple Bamboo Salt Box with Magnetic Swivel Lids


When it’s time to eat, salt boxes can also be used to serve salt or other flavorings at the dinner table. A salt box with a matching serving spoon is ideal for serving salt to guests at dining events, picnics or parties. The spoon allows each guest to dish out the right amount of flavor without needing to use their fingers.  


Totally Bamboo Big Dipper Salt Box with Spoon


Beyond Salt 


Salt boxes can be used for more than just salt. In the kitchen, they can be used to store other seasonings like pepper, oregano, cayenne, paprika and more. Whatever seasonings, spices or herbs you find yourself frequently reaching for and using can be stored in a salt box! They make it easy to grab the perfect pinch, no matter the flavor.  

Outside of the kitchen, salt boxes can be used for organizing and storing a variety of items such as jewelry, school supplies, knickknacks and more! Our Salt Box with Magnetic Swivel Lid is a great option for storing paperclips, push pins and more in the office. The same magnet that keeps the lid closed when it’s not in use can be used to keep paperclips at the ready during working hours.


Totally Bamboo Salt Box with Magnetic Swivel Lid


A Taste of Salt Cellar History 


The use of salt boxes can be traced back as far as Ancient Greece! They have been used throughout history for ceremonial purposes and dining. During the Middle Ages, salt boxes were considered a status symbol. They were often made from silver and featured detailed designs. During dining events, they were placed on the table close to the host, and the importance of each guest was determined by their seat’s proximity to the salt box. The closer they were seated to it, the more important they were in the eyes of the host. 


Salt Cellar History


During the Industrial Revolution, salt boxes became more affordable and functional in design, making them less of a status symbol. Beautiful glass salt boxes with matching spoons (also called shovels) were popular during this time. During the early 1900’s, the invention of free-flowing salt led to the rise in demand for saltshakers and subsequent decline in demand for salt boxes.  

Today, salt boxes are making a comeback as people rediscover the benefits of using one while cooking. The open dish style of a salt box allows a cook to grab a pinch of seasoning with one hand to flavor their dishes, and this technique provides them with a better sense of how much salt is being used in comparison to salt shakers. The rising popularity of gourmet salts is also fueling the demand for salt boxes, as many gourmet salts, like flaked varieties, are too large for saltshakers. Additionally, the colors, grain shapes and scents of gourmet salts can easily be observed when they’re presented in a salt box.  


Our Most Popular Salt Boxes 


Salt Keeper Duet Bamboo Salt Box with Magnetic Swivel Lid


Salt Keeper Duet Bamboo Salt Box with Magnetic Swivel Lid

Keep the perfect pair of flavors close at hand with this dual-chambered salt box. It’s perfect for serving salt and pepper at mealtime or storing complimentary flavors to use while cooking. Each compartment of our Salt Keeper Duet stores up to ½ cup, packing away plenty of flavor! 


Triple Bamboo Salt Box with Magnetic Swivel Lids


Triple Bamboo Salt Box with Magnetic Swivel Lids

Store a variety of seasonings with this tower of taste! Our Triple Bamboo Salt Box is a wonderful option to use when baking or cooking, offering plenty of space for your favorite three salts, herbs, or spices. The top two compartments each hold 1/3 cup while the large bottom compartment holds up to 2/3 cup.  


Little Dipper Bamboo Salt Box with Spoon


Little Dipper Bamboo Salt Box with Spoon 

Dole out just the right amount of salt or spice with our Little Dipper Bamboo Salt Box with Spoon. It’s ideal for serving salt, sugar and more at the dinner table. When not in use, it’s cleverly designed with a notch in the side to store the spoon while the lid is closed.  


Salt Box with Magnetic Swivel Lid, "Salt" Engraving on Lid


Salt Box with Magnetic Swivel Lid, "Salt" Engraving on Lid

When it comes time to cook dinner for the family, there won’t be any doubt as to what’s in this box. This bamboo salt cellar has the word “Salt” beautifully engraved on the magnetic lock and swivel lid. It’s the perfect place to store your favorite gourmet and specialty salts.  


A salt box is a practical and stylish way to store salt for cooking and dining in your home. Incorporating the right amount of salt into your cooking takes the flavor of the food to the next level, and a Totally Bamboo salt box can help make this happen! Our salt boxes come in a variety of functional and eye-catching styles, including tiered, dipper and engraved styles. They’re a wonderful addition to any kitchen! 

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