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5 Tips to Help You Get Organized

5 Tips to Help You Get Organized
5 Tips to Help You Get Organized

Posted on January 25 2021

A new year is the perfect time to start fresh and get organized! There are so many ways we can organize our homes and spaces to help us feel refreshed. Creating organized spaces in our home can help with productivity and overall well-being; when our spaces are tidy, we can focus more time on the things we enjoy doing rather than cleaning. We’ve compiled a list of our top tips for tidying up your place.

Utilize Drawer Organizers


Drawer organizers are great way to organize and declutter your space! These can be great for kitchen utensils, junk drawers, bathroom essentials and even jewelry and accessories. Don’t waste any more time rummaging through your drawers to find what you need. Invest in some drawer organizers to help tame the mess!

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Hang Cooking Utensils


A fun and trendy approach to organize cooking utensils is by hanging them on a rack near the sink or stove — exposed storage seems to be the new thing!  If you have beautifully crafted utensils, like our Baltique Collection, this is also a great way to add a pop of color to your kitchen.

Round Up Your Fruit


First, invest in a banana hanger! This keeps bananas fresh for longer while also clearing up space on the counter. Store other fruit in a large bowl or basket on your countertop. Adding a fruit basket brings a pop of color to your countertop!

We’ve got both – a banana hanger and beautifully crafted bowls!

Declutter Desk Space


A messy desk can be the worst when you are trying to be productive during the workday. Keep your workspace clean by adding places to store various stationary items like pens, pencils, paperclips, tacks and other important items. Creating storage spaces on your desk can help keep you focused throughout the day!

Our 3-Piece Desk Organizer Set and 5-Piece Organizer Box Set are perfect for bringing order to your home office.

Clean Out the Pantry


Over time, we often fill our pantries with lots of bulk food items. The new year is a great time to sort through the pantry and toss anything that is outdated. You can also purge the fridge! Clearing out old food items makes space for fresh, new items to be added.

Totally Bamboo is here to help you get organized, shop our Get Organized collection now to find all the items mentioned above and more.

You’re sure to feel fresh and organized for the new year once you implement some of these great tips!

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